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The Archives: Previous "Fresh Views" posts and images.

April, 2014


Most of my images are taken in situ … in the context of locations and activities that are part of my everyday life. It's easier to photograph in this way - my head is generally clear, and the pressure of getting the perfect image is absent. If the feeling's there, I push the button. If it's not, the lens cap stays on, the camera strap remains slung across my torso, and I keep walking. (Elvis and Milo prefer the latter). It's an easy space in which to be a photographer.

This year, I promised I'd experiment more with color and subjects … which means less familiar settings, and a bit of pressure to go somewhere with the express purpose of taking pictures. Sometimes I'm in the mood … other times, it feels forced. When it all works, though, I'd like to think it shows - the inspiration of a new setting combined with an ability to mentally let go. In March, I ventured all of ten or so miles to Scripps Pier - I brought two cameras - one with the 35mm LensBaby, and the other with my all-purpose 35-115mm lens. I spent a lot of time in a very small area. I hope you like the results.


January, 2014

Happy New Year, everyone! It's been a great photographic start - there are new images in the galleries, so please take a walk around the new web design if you have time. I've also re-started a personal 365 project - for those of you who are interested, click on the Flickr icon and check out the 365 set. We're on Facebook, too, for those of you who'd like to see images in your daily feed and keep up with our news and updates.


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My 2014 goals include experimentation with a bit more with color and texture (all in-camera) and to work with some new subjects. I'm looking forward to participating in some new art shows this year - we'll be at the Mission Federal Art Walk in Little Italy, San Diego's largest art show, in addition to a few gallery shows. Check out the SHOWS page to keep posted. On a personal level, I'm taking cello lessons, so you may *note* a musical influence from time to time ...

Finally, this year we've introduced "Feel-anthropy" images - beachradish images® whose sale proceeds (100% of profit) will be donated to a specific cause or charitable organization. Check out the blog post for more details, and feel free to make suggestions for worthy causes near to your hearts - we are all part of the same great world.

I hope that 2014 is off to a great start for you, and that your hopes, goals, and dreams for the year provide real joy as you set off on the path of achieving them!

All the best -


November, 2013

We took an amazing trip to Puglia, Italy earlier this month. The pace was slow, the people warm, and the food earthy and wholesome. It was wonderful to be in a different physical space, using my usual ocean-inspired eyes in a non-oceanic environment. There were familiar tones and a spiritual zen all its own - and that was wonderful. Here is a bit of this unbelievable region through a beachradish lens … I hope you like what you see!