The Gift


"As a photographer, to get the reaction is what it's all about … to make people think …"  

- Bob Carey, The Tutu Project

I came across this story in the Telegraph this morning. Yes. I admit that "Sugar Plum Hairy" was too good a headline to pass up. What followed was one of the best photography stories I've seen in a long time. I'm always fascinated by what drives people to take pictures - I've come to appreciate photography as its own language. A communication about self, about cause, about life … a visual translation where spoken words often fall short.

On the surface, Sugar Plum Hairy may appear to be light hearted photography. I see it as laughter, tears, true talent, advocacy, and love. A gift from a husband to his wife, at moments when there are no words, when only a half naked man in a pink tutu can bring a smile.