Why call it "Image"?

Photograph. Shot. Capture. Pic.

These are what "is". A documentary memento of sorts. Freezing that particular moment in time. The birthday party. The trip. The sunset. We want to see what was - to "capture" that moment and its details - and then we interpret or remember that reality from our memory. There is subjectivity there, for sure. But there is also an objective reality to which we cling even in the face of our own interpretation.

Paintings better straddle the tension of objective reality and interpretation. The artist sees an objective reality, infuses her perspective, and what we objectively behold is her reality translated.

I like "image" because it implies interpretation that remains wholly infused by the reality of what "is". To me, an image is painting with a camera - documenting a moment, a fraction of a second really, from amongst many others, but blurring the context just enough to maximize the viewer's subjective experience.