What is a beachradish?

Truth is, it's a relatively unexciting story. "Why" beachradish is a bit easier ...

Your name is your identity, and often, your legacy ... generally, you keep what you were born with and change it only through marriage or other complex legal machinations. I have a long last name: B O R A M A N A N D ... that's 10 letters, and often feels like you've clearly made a mistake in there somewhere. I still spell it wrong, on occasion. Its ethnic origin is a bit of a mystery - consensus is that it's Indian: a combination of "brahma", meaning creator, and "anand", meaning happiness. In kindergarten, when kids were learning to spell names like "Lee" or "Cox" ... I had a slightly more daunting task. Spelling it for folks over the phone always takes more than one go, and inevitably, the confirmation correspondence arrives addressed to someone who could be, but isn't quite, me. My relationship with my long, unique name has thus always been a bit conflicted - a mix of pride and annoyance. 

"Our Yard" 

With me in it.

My personal email has never been my name - for lots of reasons, but mostly because it takes spelling out of the equation and increases the probability that email will arrive in my inbox. When I started taking pictures again and posting to sites like Flickr, I used my email moniker, "beachradish" - a moniker arrived at because "fasthamster" was taken, I was living on the beach at the time, and a friend called me "radish" once in the context of a joke about a coffee bean. (See. Not very exciting.) Over the last two years, my photography has become associated with "beachradish" - an identity of sorts, but not my name.

This week, I am opening a small studio space in a local artist/commercial co-op. In preparation, I've had to make a choice - am I "Nicole Boramanand, artist", "beachradish, photographer", or something else? What will people remember? What is easier to spell/Google? I am proud of my name and my heritage, and I am proud of this in a way that is very different from other professional accomplishments. 

beachradish images® is my creative soul. All of my prints and artwork are signed "Boramanand". In pencil. Just in case I make a mistake.